Hey, I’m Octavia Graham a travel blogger from Florida. As a travel blogger, I have been whisked around the world to various different countries with amazingly diverse cultures, my favorite places being on the continent of Asia. This blog will be giving you the low-down on traveling in Asia, the rest of the world, and also how to budget your excursion.

This blog is more of a factual page rather than a recount of what I have personally experienced, kind of like looking at a fun-loving, honest travel brochure. In short, I hope it helps you to be informed about where you will be traveling in the future. 

My love for Asia all started during my first long trip of 2 months in the Philippines, where I experienced the beautiful culture, gorgeous food, and not to mention the most amazing beaches in the world. Over time, the travel bug has spread until I reached my goal of traveling permanently thanks to sharing my travel blog with my community, who have let my dreams of blogging for a living come true!  

My favorite destinations in Asia? Definitely Southeast Asia with Indonesia and Sulawesi in the lead. Special mention for Thailand and the Philippines. My biggest crush is the Kawasan waterfalls which gave the name to this blog.

Enjoy browsing the Canyoneering Kawasan travel blog.