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Hey, I’m Octavia Graham a newly turned travel blogger just trying to live her dreams of traveling the world!

My favorite continent is by far Asia and that is why I have dedicated an entire section of my blog to travel Asia. I also give some vital budget and travel tips to help new and old travelers to navigate this world!

Wine tasting is a fun activity that, while fun, can also be overwhelming. People are usually excited to try a new bottle of wine but don’t always know what to do with it after that. You spend hours reading about wine like a wine connoisseur, only to realize there is no sense of accomplishment in finally tasting your first wine. That is why we have put together this handy list of wine tasting dos and don’ts.

The Wine Tasting Dos:

  • Dress appropriately. Tasting rooms are establishments where a designated driver is required. Therefore, you must be able to walk in the room, stand at a bar, or sit at a table with a moderate degree of dignity.
  • Know the different wine glassware that you need to drink wine from. This will be a great way to make sure that you are able to drink each wine in the right way. There is nothing worse than ruining a great wine by not knowing what glassware to use.
  • Have a meal before the wine tasting event. Plan ahead and remember to eat before you head out, as there is a chance of getting dehydrated. It may also not be a bad idea to have a few snacks on hand in case you get hungry during the event afterward.
  • Take notes of what you taste after each glass. After all, when you drink wine, you want to record what you like and don’t like about each wine, so you can come back to revisit them. That said, not everyone agrees that it is a good idea to take notes while tasting.
  • Share the wine tasting experience with friends. While it is not entirely true that it is best to share this wine tasting experience with friends, it is useful to have a certain amount of friends who have been through the experience before.
  • Buy the wine that you like. The rules are pretty simple: If you purchase a bottle of wine that has been opened, you can taste it. If you don’t buy it, you can’t taste it. If you are at a winery that is open to the public, you can taste it. If you are at a private winery, you can’t.
  • Have a driver. When you are out with friends for a good time and a little wine, you want to make sure you get home safe and sober. And believing that alcohol affects everyone in the same way, is the best way to ensure that you are never in the car with a friend that is too drunk to drive.

The Wine Tasting Don’ts:

  • Wear cologne or perfume. You will probably smell strongly of the cologne or perfume, and it will make it difficult to smell the flavors of the wine. You will also need to wash your hands constantly to offset the lingering smell. Wine tasting is a special occasion and being too strong of a scent can take away from the experience.
  • Be late. It is fine to be late for a date, but it is not fine for the wine tasting. Wine tastings are meant to be relaxed and enjoyable, so it is important to arrive on time. When you decide to come after the official time, you run the risk of being late and missing out on your favorite wines. If you can make it right on time, then it is perfect to be early as well. This way, you have the time to explore and enjoy the wines, and if you want to get in on the action of one of the tastings, you can do so.
  • Chug the wine. Chugging wine while tasting it is one way to enjoy the finer things in life, but be careful. If you remove the glass from your mouth and stop gulping, you risk gagging on the remaining wine, spit it back out, or even swallowing the whole thing. To avoid any of these unpleasant scenarios, take your time and sip wine. Sip slowly and move from the lip all the way to the glass.
  • Drink too much, too fast. We all know that doing so will likely result in a hangover. But how much is too much? You should learn to pace yourself and to avoid getting too drunk while tasting wine.

One of the most difficult aspects of taking part in wine tastings is to know how to handle each and every circumstance so that you can make the best out of it. To avoid getting yourself in trouble with the law, you need to know the dos and don’ts of tasting wine. You can still taste a good wine, but you need to do it in a legal manner.

Octavia Graham

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