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Hey, I’m Octavia Graham a newly turned travel blogger just trying to live her dreams of traveling the world!

My favorite continent is by far Asia and that is why I have dedicated an entire section of my blog to travel Asia. I also give some vital budget and travel tips to help new and old travelers to navigate this world!

When it comes to travel blogging, the list of myths and misconceptions is as long as the postcard you have in your pocket. There’s a myriad of misconceptions that often overshadow the reality of the profession.

One common myth is the notion that lucrative opportunities are scarce and limited to a select few. However, the truth is, the travel industry is brimming with diverse deals and packages waiting to be explored. From sponsored trips to collaborative partnerships with hotels and airlines, bloggers have access to a plethora of arrangements that can turn their passion for travel into a sustainable source of income.

These opportunities extend beyond traditional sponsorships, with affiliate marketing programs and commission-based collaborations offering additional avenues for revenue generation. By tapping into the variety of Holiday Deals and tailored packages available, travel bloggers can debunk the myth that financial success in the field is elusive, paving the way for a rewarding and fulfilling career.

That said, here we break down the most common myths and explain the truth behind how to make money as a travel blogger.

Myth #1: If you want to make money from blogging, you have to write about travel. This is one of the most common myths here. This is simply not true. If you already have a well-established blog, you can use it to write about other topics and still make money blog-rolling.

Myth #2: Travel bloggers should make it their goal to make money from blogging. Travel blogging is a controversial topic on the Internet, as most people seem to assume travel bloggers are trying to make money from their travel blogs rather than actually enjoying their blogging experience. The truth is most travel bloggers are doing it for the love of travel, to help other travelers, and to make a little money while doing so.

Myth #3: Travel bloggers/writers only make money from writing about traveling. There is a lot of ignorance about blogging about travel and money. They think that they should be able to earn money writing about their travels. The truth is, most travel bloggers do not make money by writing about their travels. Most make money by selling ads on their blogs.

Myth #4: If you want to make money blogging, you need to have a blog. While it is true that you can make money from your blog, this is neither the only nor the most important reason to start one. If you are already interested in the travel industry or good at writing, you might benefit from creating a travel blog for pleasure.

Myth #5: If you’re like most travel bloggers, you dream of making enough money from your blog to become a full-time traveler. This dream is a common one, and many people go out on a limb in their efforts to make it happen. The problem is not the dream but the myths that come with it. Your new blog can make money, but it can’t make you rich.

Myth #6: If you want to make money blogging, you need to be blogging 24/7. Travel blogging is a good way to make money, but many people erroneously think it has to be constant. It doesn’t. You can write a travel blog every few days and still make money simply by selling your travel stories to magazines or other websites. If you have a proper understanding of how SEO (if need be, you could hire professional agencies like Victorious who could set it up for you) works, you can simply implement those techniques so that even if you are not a regular writer, you would still be able to garner traffic to your blogsite and get money from it. If you want to make a career out of it, you will need to put in a lot of time and effort, but it is possible to do.

Myth #7: If you want to make money blogging, you need to be sharing your life with your readers. This is a great perspective but also an unrealistic one. Sure, if you’re a great writer, photographer, or videographer, people will look at what you have to offer and share that content, but there are many other places to make money that does not require you to travel.

Myth #8: You have to travel to a far-off location. Are you heading to a far-off location to write about your adventures? You may be tempted to believe that you are guaranteed to earn a lot of money by doing so. Sadly, that’s not the case, and if in doubt, it’s always best to get the facts straight before committing to an expensive trip. On the flip side, if you want, you can do travel blogging completely from your home rather than while traveling. You can enjoy your travel time by just making some important notes and you can write about them when you get home. In addition, it may be convenient to work from your home office desk (that you might have purchased from office monster) rather than pulling out your laptop to write in the middle of a trip.

Myth #9: Travel is only for a privileged few who can afford to have a full-time job while working from a beach all year long. With the growth of social media and travel blogging, people are now able to work on their travel blog part-time and make a living doing so. You may even get sponsors for travel blogging if you have enough followers and audience engagement. You can get more followers and likes through a facility such as or similar resources to extend your global approach.

Myth#10: Travel blogging is easy. Travel blogging isn’t for everyone, and it’s not as easy as it’s made out to be. It’ll take some hard work and a lot of time, but you can get started and put together a blog with the right strategy.

While it’s true that you can make a decent living writing about travel, it’s not necessarily easy to do so. Success depends on three factors:

  • Domain expertise: you need to be an expert in a specific field. For instance, a travel writer may be able to write about traveling in the Caribbean, but she’ll probably be all wrong about Japan.
  • Passion: you need to love what you do. If you don’t, you’ll probably burn out on it sooner or later.
  • Luck: you need to have the right contacts, the right timing, and the right writing skills.

Whatever your reasons may be for pursuing your travel blog, never commit the same mistake believing about those myths. Be a successful travel blogger by applying those above-mentioned factors. Happy travels!

Octavia Graham

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